A Message from the President

November 1, 2010

Hello and welcome to our site!

Diamante Business Solutions Inc. is a first-class consulting organization designed to bring leadership expertise in the areas of Business Process Management and Information Technology. We have engaged numerous clients and transformed their business models to more effectively leverage their people, processes and technology to achieve success. We aid our clients in the design and implementation of effective and efficient business processes coupled with the extraction of additional value from existing Information Technology resources to achieve breakthrough performance and maximum value.

We offer a team of mature ‘C’ level executives who possess prodigious leadership, analysis, strategic, and tactical skills to help our clients transform their modes of operation. We are passionate about helping our clients achieve all of their goals through process-based innovation and maximizing the business benefits of their Information Technology investments.

Large and small companies alike are more frequently recognizing that the ‘Big Box’ consulting firms in the Business Process and IT field rarely offer their clients value commensurate with their exorbitantly high costs. The principle reason for this is that these companies seldom provide high quality professional resources, but instead focus on selling their big name recognition, leaving the execution and implementation of critical projects to junior level employees. At Diamante all of our Associates are mature, highly skilled, and extremely well qualified individuals that work with you as an extension of your team.

Whether your organization is looking to implement business process management and/or Information Technology; Diamante Business Solutions will provide the experience and expertise to help you achieve transformational success.

I invite you to browse through our web site to get a glimpse of the breadth and depth of our practices and then contact us regarding how we may be of service to you.

Michael D. Sellitto
President, Diamante Business Solutions Inc.

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